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Hoodia Gordonii – Everything you need to know

Hoodia Gordonii Plus is being manufactured by Ultra Herbal along with many other herbal supplements like capsules, liquids etc. Hoodia used in our product is 100% natural and licensed by the C.I.T.E.S, the licensing authority from South Africa.

We are reputed to create products which are safe, unique and effective to help those people who have supplemented their lives. Ultra Herbal has tested and formulated an effective and unique herbal dietary supplement and is committed to provide such supplements to vendors and retailers without compromising on the quality at any point during the manufacturing process. You are sure to get a wholesale price that is closing on the manufacturing costs from Ultra Herbal.

With our commitment in place, we feel privileged and proud in offering such wide range of great quality and high demanding herbal supplements that are made from finest and highest quality pharmaceutical ingredients available in the market today!

The Quality Control for Hoodia Gordonii Plus

The raw materials that are going to be used later by consumers must pass through strict quality control checks. Not only that, only highest quality materials is used in building the final product and during the in-house quality inspection process this point is given more importance as all the ingredients are made to run through purity checks before moved on to the mixing department.

During this purity check process, if the inspection authority rejects the material quality, or the material does not comply with the quality standards and protocols, it’s simply discarded never to be used again. Due to this, all the engineers are given strict orders to follow on the manufacturing rules and regulations which are documented at every given point in manufacturing the final product. The documentations are again reviewed by quality control specialists very often to check on the manufacturing equipments and manufacturing process used. These equipments are maintained and cleaned on daily basis as per the instructions of the Department of Agriculture. This process helps to check and prevent from any sort of contamination which in return guarantees a generic and quality product. All the production records are documented which are submitted to the department of Agriculture every two years after the product expiration date.

Product analysis is done for each product that is being manufactured. All relevant information which contains specific components quantity, lot number, herbal ingredients used, production method used are recorded in order to simplify auditing for quality control.

Raw Materials are only purchased from reputed wholesalers, which means, each raw material is purchased after closely verifying the Certificate of authenticity and the analytical report from the supplier. These raw materials are once again tested by in-house Quality control team for verification.

Packaging Material is again purchased from very reputed wholesalers and quality checks are re-run on them and on the material used for the packing. Quality control team looks for proper labeling to avoid any last minute confusion. These labels are again cross checked for any duplicates to be sure of not making any printing mistakes before the product is being delivered to retailers and other buyers.

Lot Numbers are given to every herbal raw material component to avoid any mixing of in appropriate substance that could lead to any future complications. All the components used are recorded and are assigned a lot number to be recognized during the manufacturing and packaging process. Once the final product is ready, a pack of bottles are packaged together and are assigned a lot number to easily identify which lot has been delivered to which retailer or buyer. This helps in checking products for authenticity.

The Ultra Herbal Manufacturing Guidelines

Apart from the rules and protocols described above, Ultra Herbal Supplements follows strict manufacturing guidelines for quality control:

Blending and Granulation equipments are tested for quality mixing and granulation, which would be checked by the Director of Operations even before its being used. That’s the time when the raw materials are verified for one final time before mixing. Strict written guidelines are followed to prepare lots for each herbal. Once the blending and granulation process is finished, the powered substance is stored in specially designed containers which will keep the powdered substance fresh all the time without any contamination. The director of operation once again verifies the labeling of containers to avoid any possible confusion.

Compression and Encapsulation is very essential to make sure the integrity of the product all the time. Therefore, a sample is prepared which get verified against the original packaged material to compare and verify the quality standards. Every time a new unit has to begin, a sample is prepared and sent over to the Quality Assurance (QA) for approval, where the sample is run through all the quality standards and checks. Once approved, the manufacturer can begin its production at large scale following the quality procedures and guidelines. Specially, with the blending and granulation process, all the capsule content is stored in specially designed containers to maintain its order and to avoid any forms of contamination. Once again the director of operations makes sure the labeling is done appropriately.

Liquid products are also made using strict manufacturing and production guidelines mentioned above for granulation, blending, encapsulation and compression.

Packaging and Inspection procedures are followed to make sure correct product is packed. Quality assurance staff performs the verification on the labeling style and its compliance with the guidelines defined. Any defective pieces and improper labeled products are removed to be verified against the protocols from scratch. All those products which have been released by the QA staff are either packed for bulk storage or are sent over to the buyer with proper label prescribed by the Federal Drug Administration having specific unique batch numbers documented for any future reference. All those products which are ready for consumption are labeled and sealed with tamper proof seal. As per the QA, the manufacturer is going to keep a sample of every lot that is being sold in the market until one year of its expiration date. These samples are very important and can be used to verify integrity of the material supplied.

Final Products are all stored in quarantine climate controlled environment until they are delivered to the customers.

All the Ultra Herbal Supplements are made to go through strict and documented quality controlled manufacturing practices prescribed by the Federal Drug Administration. Apart from that the manufacturer should be ready for any sudden or surprise visits or inspections by the Quality control staff during different manufacturing process to check-on the material quality, ways of manufacturing and final packaging.