Hoodia Gordonii Plus Frequently Asked Questions

All the Hoodia Gordonii Diet pills mentioned on this website have 100% natural and organic ingredients without any stimulants like ephedra or caffeine. Since these pills are 100% natural they can be consumed by strict vegetarians and vegans as well along with others. Also, Hoodia is considered as a food rather than a drug in South Africa which also confirms the safety of its consumption. There are no side effects reported until today.

Once Hoodia Diet pill is consumed, it tricks your brain by making it to believe that you’ve eaten enough and there is nothing more you can intake further. You only have to take this pill 20-30 minutes before your meal. The effects of Hoodia may vary from person to person as on some it would work immediately and on others it might take around 14 days to start working.

Pfizer, a major pharmaceutical company, who developed Viagra, has considered an investment of over $21 million to get the patent to develop on the active ingredient, P57, which has glucose like effects that works more than ten thousand times on the brain. It’s this active ingredient that fools the brain to start getting the feeling of being full and no more food is required.

According to the research conducted in Leicester, England where several people were benchmarked and had Hoodia Gordonii Plus Diet pills, have reported to lose around 1000 calories a day, making it around 4-6 pounds a week. This shows how fast this pill will start to shows its effects.

The only way to distinguish between different varieties of Hoodia would be to engage a trained botanist or a San collector who would be able to tell the truth without having to look at the original flowered cactus as there are over 13 species of Hoodia present in the world. A trainer professional would be able to identify and judge genuine Hoodia plant without the flowers.

Also, before you buy any Hoodia Diet pills, request the seller to produce the C.I.T.E.S (convention of Illicit Trade of Endangered Species) Certificate and the analysis report which was licensed to them by the Western Cape Conservation Authority of South Africa. Without these two certificates it is not advisable to buy Hoodia from any seller. If you don’t see the CITES export permit displaying from where this Hoodia has arrived, please report it immediately to the CITES.

In 1996, the CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) has conducted various researches on the food of the San ‘The bushman’ and found out amazing Hoodia Gordonii ingredient in the plant. They first tested this stuff on the animals to find out if the animal would die or develop some side effects. But nothing of that sort happened instead the animals started reducing weight which caught the attention of the CSIR. The ingredient was not toxic or carried any harmful elements of any form. It only suppresses the hunger feeling in a human body. They called this as a natural appetite suppressant. By 1997, CSIR took out the effective ingredient of the plant and tested it under strict botanical rules. They found out that the bioactive compound found in Hoodia has appetite suppressing properties. Once it was confirmed to carry natural properties, CSIR filed a patent and got the license P57 because it was the 57th product CSIR has ever funded.