How It Works

Hoodia Gordonii – How stuff works?

Hoodia is a typical African name which you can pronounce as HOO-dee-ah. It is also known as Hoodia cactus, ghaap, khoba, xhooba, South African desert cactus etc. It looks more like a cactus plant which is found in the deserts of South Africa, Angola, Botswana and Namibia.

Hoodia Goodronii Plus helps in suppressing human appetite helping them reduce their weight in a natural way allowing health conscious people to now play their chances at getting into shape by this summer. Hoodia Gordonii Plus is all in news and have been promoted on the ABC, 60 Minutes and BBC channels with detailed talks and demonstrations which helped the product pick up popularity in the market like a bullet and is marketed in different regions including the United States and various other African, European and Asian countries.

Hoodia has been used by the San Bushmen of the great dreadful Kalahari Desert for over thousands of years to keep up to their hunger and thirst during their long and trying desert runs. These people used to cut off the stem part of this cactus like Hoodia and eat away the not so tasty inside portion of the stem. The Hoodia Gordonii is a name given to the clumps of the green upright stem part of the cactus plant. The word Hoodia means more like a kind of succulent plant and if also often called as a cactus.

When you see pale purple flowers starting to grow on the cactus, that’s when the plant is completely ready to be harvested. Some time it could take almost over 5 years for such flower to appear. Some of the key points about Hoodia Gordonii:

  • Hoodia has helped in suppressing hunger during long and tiring desert trips.
  • Hoodia Gordonii is totally natural product is not regarded as a drug as of now
  • Only Hoodia’s Gordonii variation has the appetite suppressing abilities.
  • The Gordonii variation in the Hoodia tricks the brain to think that the person has already eaten and it makes you feel full.
  • Hoodia can start to work immediately or might take weeks to shows its effects.
  • Major effects noticed till date are where people have reportedly reduced interested in food, they don’t feel hungry anymore, even when they eat, they starts to get the feeling of being stomach full and a new general feeling of being good to their health and fitness.
  • There are no known side effects of Hoodia Gordonii; it’s not at all a stimulant.
  • This product can help in an overall weight loss for anyone who has complains about their shape, structure and uncontrollable eating habits.

Hoodia is a safer for many people around the world. There has been constant demand for diet pills during past few years. A lot of pharmaceutical companied especially phytopharm is trying its best to synthesize this appetite suppressing component of Hoodia, the P57, to prepare a drug in near future.

That’s not all, there are over 13 types of Hoodia plants in this world but p57 is the only active ingredient identified which has more steroidal glycoside.